GSP vs. Hendricks and the Loss of Humanity

Posted on November 17, 2013 by EODFighter

First off, let me be clear that I believe Johny Hendricks won the fight… hands down, did everything but beat GSP in takedowns ( 3-2 ).  I had Hendricks winning 1, 2, 4 and possibly even 3. 

Let me address a few things I find disturbing that have been said over the past 24 hours:

1.      “You must definitively beat the champion by KO or Submission”…

Let me ask you something if you believe this: Should a football team have to beat the defending Superbowl Champions by a given amount, lets say 10 points?  No, because it’s absurd.  The same thing goes for the unwritten rule of having to definitively beat the champ by KO or submission.  Not to mention Johny Hendricks most definitely beat GSP.  Johny Hendricks believes he won, Dana White believes Hendricks won, and I believe deep down inside, GSP knows he lost.  The outcome was as shocking to many as the Bradley defeat of Pacquiao.  

2.      “GSP is a coward to quit MMA”:

This one bothered me a lot.  Have we as a society lost touch with humanity?  Have we become so deeply enthralled in our emotions that we can say such terrible things?  GSP has been a fantastic Mixed Martial Artist, and I have enjoyed watching him over the years.  The post fight conference was one of the saddest things I had seen any athlete deal with.  The onslaught of remarks about how he owed Johny Hendricks a rematch, and how he couldn’t just quit, or take a break.  The media questioned him, probing him for information on his reasoning.  You could clearly see he was upset and having a hard time expressing how he was feeling. 

Deep down inside, he knows he lost the fight.

But, its something different.  As someone who has experienced head trauma I understand what he is dealing with.  I received several concussive blasts in Iraq, and was within blast radius of dozens more blasts…  Recently, I too had to think long and hard about the career I had chosen, and see if it was all worth it in the end to continue.

GSP is dealing with this right now.  He is a HUMAN BEING, and we were so charged up last night with emotion, many people forgot that.  He has a life and a family outside of the octagon, and head traumas have been proven to shorten life span, and even cause a severely downgraded quality of life.   Fans and media were so selfish to demand him give Hendricks a rematch, that they became apathetic.  Perhaps, GSP wants to live his life like a normal human being, get married, have kids and see them grow.  We as fans cannot take that away from him, we don’t have the right to.

Once a fighter questions or loses their killer instinct, it’s time to leave.  When that happens, it is when people start getting hurt… GSP has been beaten up pretty bad in a few of his last fights, and all that trauma, and we need to be a little more classy as fans and admire what he brought to the sport instead of ridiculing him.

As an MMA fan and a human being I have nothing but the utmost respect for GSP, and wish him the best in whatever decision he makes.

As far as the belt… Well, if GSP decides to retire, I think it is only right that Johny Hendricks be crowned Interim Champion until he defends it against the #1 contender at that point.  After defeating the #1 contender, he can be crowned undisputed. 

We all clearly know the Nevada Athletic Commission made a mistake last night during that fight… but it’s not right to be so cold toward a man that has been nothing but professional, classy, and outstanding in both the MMA world and in life outside the Octagon. 

Let’s all just take a breath, step back for a second and understand his reasoning.  When the dust settles:  Hendricks is the Champ in my eyes, and people need to remember: It’s only a sport, and these guys are human beings too.

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